About Us

a Brotherhood  -  Father and Sons! We started with a simple idea that has a positive impact on the lives of others and conserving the Wildlife of Africa.

Our success comes from the fact that we love what we do and "We Walk the Talk" !


All courses are taught by our full-time lecturers that are registered with CathsSeta.

Our team are noted for their contributions to conservation, field-based research, their commitment to teaching, and their bond with the environment. They are renowned for their ability to draw upon practical environmental wisdom and to engage participants in provocative, life-changing class activities that expand their abilities as leaders.  In addition to their Eco Academy roles, our lecturers also serve as advisers and consultants of conservation initiatives and academic institutions across the globe.
We offer lecturers who thrive in the vibrant, interactive environment of the Eco Academy classroom where unexpected insights and challenges are a natural consequence of our participatory learning model.

Lecturers encourage productive participant interaction that extends learning beyond the classroom.

Other instructors / lecturers include:

• Wildlife experts, scientific researchers and professionals in Nature and Wildlife Training
• Experienced professionals from community and business organizations